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Thank you to our 2019-2020 Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program business partners!  
God has richly blessed BMS with EITC dollars totally $56,600!

  •  Beiler Campbell Realtors  •  Big Valley Concrete    Centre Herd Health Services •  Custom Concrete Pumping •  East Gate Feed & Grain •  FOXPRO  •  Geological Assessment & Leasing  •  Juniata Valley Bank  •  Kish Bank  •  Kish Valley Electric  •  MCS Bank  •  Sharp Shopper • ShowEase Inc. •  Bridge Foundation  •  Bravo Foundation

Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit program provides scholarships to students to attend the school of their choice. Businesses can receive up to 90% tax credit each year when they make a two-year commitment on contributions to BMS! 

“Through the EITC program, FOXPRO Inc. is fortunate to be able to direct a meaningful portion of our tax dollars to worthy local recipients. We are pleased to partner with Belleville Mennonite School as they continue to offer quality education based on superb spiritual and social themes.”         
- John Dillon, president, FOXPRO, Inc.

Pictured is the team at FOXPRO that makes the EITC contribution possible. Mike Dillon, general manager; John Dillon, president; and Steve Dillon, operations manager. Click here to learn more about this generous, community-minded company.

A Great Way for Businesses to Direct Their Tax Dollars

The EITC has accomplished what many in Pennsylvania have been advocating for years: to get the business community more involved in education. The EITC enables companies to support local non-profit charities, at a minimal cost, instead of sending their tax dollars to Harrisburg. It’s that simple

A Lifeboat for Kids, a Savings to Pennsylvania Taxpayers

EITC scholarships have provided thousands of lifeboats to families looking to escape failing public schools, as well as to families struggling to remain in non-public schools.  Each time a child moves from a public to non-public school and each time a child is able to stay in a non-public school as a result of the EITC, both taxpayers and families win!

Additional resources and links:
  • Click here for BMS's Step-by-Step Guide to this entire process.  This will bring further clarity.
  • Click here for the complete EITC Business Guide from the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Click here for the "How to Apply Online" guide.  It's very helpful for when you are set to apply.
  • Click here for the Designation Form.

Feel free to contact BMS for additional help.  You can call the school at, 717.935.2184.