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If a job opportunity is available at BMS, the posting will appear on this page. Employment applications can be found on the bottom of this page. 

Belleville Mennonite School is accepting applications for the following positions:

Interim or Long-term Superintendent

Belleville Mennonite School is seeking a Superintendent who has visionary leadership, administrative skills, and spiritual focus to help guide BMS into the future. The Superintendent serves as the administrative and academic head of the school. The Board of Trustees and Superintendent work closely together to create vision, direction and policies that complement and help to implement the mission of BMS.  The Superintendent should have at minimum, a Master’s Degree from an accredited institution.  The degree should be in educational administration or include sufficient course work in educational administration, supervision, and secondary curriculum. The Superintendent should also have at least five years of experience in teaching, administration, or supervision.  Experience in an administrative role and/or successful experience as a principal is desirable.


Desired qualifications of all candidates:
  - An individual who has a vital relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and is skilled at mentoring and modeling for his/her students to what it means to be a follower of Christ
  - An individual who is intellectually and professionally curious, a person interested in becoming an expert in his or her field
  - An individual who understands and supports the mission and vision of Belleville Mennonite School

Desired qualifications of teacher candidates:
  - Teacher candidates must hold at least a 4-year degree from an accredited college or university to be eligible for employment as a teacher at Belleville Mennonite School
  - Has or is eligible for A.C.S.I. teaching certification
  - Shows proficiency in technology, organizational and administrative skills
  - A teacher who is ready to integrate vibrant faith with excellent academics, while providing a safe and healthy classroom environment

Interested individuals should submit an employment application (below), resume, and necessary clearances to:
    Belleville Mennonite School
    4105 Front Mountain Road
    Belleville, PA 17004

Clearances required prior to employment include Act 34 Request for Criminal Record Check, Act 151 PA Child Abuse History Clearance, and Act 114 FBI Federal Criminal History Record.  All costs associated with the record checks are to be paid by applicant. 

Employment Application

Faculty/ Administrative Position Application

Substitute Faculty Position Application

Coaching Position Application

Applications are accepted and this information is posted until the positions are filled.