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 Developing Minds, Building Faith, Making Disciples

- Parent testimonies

"I am impressed with how BMS is handling this all and keeping us informed. Go BMS!"

"We so appreciate all the faculty and staff have been doing and we still think it is worth every penny!  I love the Christian umbrella of the curriculum ... and communications are stellar. "

"We are so thankful to be a part of the BMS family."

I am thankful for the teachers being so involved and helping them and me through these uncertain times."

"We are blessed to have such caring teachers!"

"I just want to let you know how grateful we are to you and all the teachers and faculty and staff at the school for all your hard work in keeping in touch with us and making sure we have access to all that we need to keep things rolling for our kids."


"I don’t really know how much different of a person I would have become had I not gone to BMS.  But maybe that is the testimony of BMS’ impact.  That I don’t have to wonder what I would have been like, had I not attended BMS.  Instead, my parents made a commitment to send me, and my 3 siblings, to BMS, a place that reinforced the beliefs and disciplines that we were taught at home.  It was impossible for me at that time to realize and to appreciate the sacrifice my parents made to give us a education with a Christian foundation.  Now as a parent I realize those things. Our oldest son Declan is enrolled in the 3-year-old class that comes 2 times a week here.  And a few weeks ago, as I wrote out a check for his tuition, I realized that this is the beginning of many checks that will be written over the next 23 years.

So why choose a place like BMS to educate our children?  I’m not naive enough to believe that if we send our kids here, they’ll be protected from all the “bad” things that kids have to deal with at public school.  For me it's that Biblical foundation that is woven into everything that is done here.  So, we know that the things being taught in the classroom are consistent with scripture, we know that discipline will be handled in a Biblical manner, that the standard to which students will be held is the standard Christ calls us too.  These are the reasons we choose a place like BMS.

We might choose BMS for the smaller classroom sizes, that allow for more individualized instruction.  This setting that allows for students to explore and grow in their giftings.  That’s what BMS did for me.  I’m the kind of person that disappears in large crowds.  But in a place like BMS I was given opportunities to grow and exercise my leadership abilities.  I also had teachers who encouraged those things they saw in me.  Those are the ways BMS impacted who I became."

-Adam Peachey, Class of 2001  (View more testimonies from our Alumni & read featured Alumni Spotlights)


“...BMS continues to be the best possible option for our childrens' education.  Our girls are so much more engaged in their education thanks to the ways in which BMS challenges their intellect, provides an avenue for their interests and nurtures their faith.”
- Daniel and Katie Peachey,
parents of Kara (class of '18), Sydney,  and Elaina