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 Because of BMS   

by Kari Swigart

I wasn't looking for a teaching job in the mid 80's, but the Lord had other plans. Between Stan Miller talking to me about enrolling my then toddlers in BMS, Donna Glenney testifying about her teaching experience and Darlene Byler preparing to take maternity leave, God pulled, pushed and prodded me onto a path that God alone was designing.

BMS was a big part of the Swigart family from 1988-2009.  As many of you know, that involvement draws in grandparents and friends as well.   Now in 2016 I am a grandmother to two and one half grandchildren, the next due in August.  When my husband Steve and I were asked, "Why do you send your kids to BMS?", the answer was, "Because God led us to do it".  Now, six and a half years after our youngest graduated from BMS, that is still my answer.

Because of BMS:  When issues would pop up, I could sit face to face with an administrator or board member who truly cared about my concerns. When 9/11 happened on a September school morning, as a teacher, I drew my preschoolers close to pray and was assured as a mother knowing my own 3 children were cared and prayed for. I knew too that they were praying for our world at that moment. When Y2K and the year 2000 loomed, over and over we heard, God is in control. Amen!

Because of BMS:  I clearly heard the Lord speak into my life about pastoral ministry.  I left BMS as an educator in 2004.  I left with great memories and a call to pastoral ministry. I have served as a United Methodist pastor for the last 15 years. That original path to BMS led me to seminary and to the opportunity to serve the Lord as a pastor. God is in control!

Because of BMS:  Steve and I were privileged to watch all three of our children graduate from college. Kate from Lock Haven, Dan from Eastern Mennonite University, and Nathan from Penn State, University Park . All are amazing adults too! Kate is working in human resources at Geisinger Lewistown Hospital, Dan is a police officer in Lancaster County, and Nathan works for the federal government in the USDA Animal and Plant Health services in Columbus, Ohio. Without BMS to launch them, none of that would be possible. Considering all three of our kids were with their teachers from preschool through graduation at BMS, nine months out of the year, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, as parents we better be sure they are in the place God wants them to learn and to be influenced. God is in control! Because of BMS:  My teacher colleagues were and are counted among my best friends.  I observe with joy the progress BMS is making while still treasuring the history of the school and more importantly seeking God at every turn. God is in control! It is only after we step faithfully onto the path God has laid out that we truly discover that truth and not only are we better for that, but generations of Christian disciples to come are impacted for the Kingdom.

God, indeed, is in control! Praise be to God!



“...BMS continues to be the best possible option for our childrens' education.  Our girls are so much more engaged in their education thanks to the ways in which BMS challenges their intellect, provides an avenue for their interests and nurtures their faith.”

- Daniel and Katie Peachey, parents of Sydney, Kara (BMS alum) and Elaina