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Feel free to call anytime with your admission questions. We would love to speak with you about a BMS education for your child or children!  717.935.2184.  We also are more than happy to give you a tour of our school.  This will give you great insight into who we really are.  You'll be able to see our classrooms, learn about our academic and extracurricular programs and get all of your questions answered.  

Parents and students who are interested in the objectives and purposes of Belleville Mennonite School are invited to apply for admission!

Procedures for admission are as follows:

  • An application must be completed, and returned to BMS with the application fee.  You can mail your application to Belleville Mennonite School, 4105 Front Mountain Road, Belleville, PA 17004 or drop it off at the school office.
  • Parents meet with the Superintendent and Principal or Guidance Counselor for an informal interview to learn more about your family. They will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for final approval of the family to join the school community.

Minimum requirements for admission include:

  • A Commitment of Cooperation with the school shall be made by the student and parent.  It is expected that at least one parent be a Christian, and that those basic doctrines in the school's Statement of Faith (listed below) be accepted.
  • Capacity to do the course work as evidenced by test scores or other satisfactory evidence.
  • Transfer students shall have no discipline action, either pending or final, barring them from returning to the school previously attended.
  • Enrollment is not final until all financial arrangements have been completed.  All applicants will be considered regardless of denomination, race or national origin. 
  • Prospective Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1, of the school year.

Admissions Guide
Application for Admission
Additional Children Application
Statement of Faith
Statement of Sexuality and Marriage
Tuition Scale 
PreK Counts Application 24-25