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Integrating iPads and Chromebooks into Learning

Belleville Mennonite School students and teachers are provided with iPads and Chromebooks to use at school as a way to provide preferred engagement in collaborative, creative learning to prepare them for their lives in the 21st century.  BMS is committed to providing the very best computing and teaching devices that suit the needs of our students.  This is the new standard that we will use to achieve the very best education for our students to be successful in tomorrow’s world.

Students are using iPads and Chromebooks to enrich their learning experience.  Mr. Bob Zook, Director of Technology, remarked, “BMS has been increasingly exploring the expanding role of technology in the learning environment. We are seeking to find new ways in embedding technology in the teaching and learning process.”  Both iPads and Chromebooks are being used with any curriculum from science, math and writing to Health and Bible.  “The opportunities are limitless,” Mr. Zook added.

Achieving the ultimate collaborative learning environment is the school’s goal.  In addition to iPads and Chromebooks, the school has a high functioning and up-to-date computer lab, laptops for teachers and SMART Boards for teaching instruction in the classroom.  During the pandemic, we successfully navigated from in-person to distance learning, providing resources for students to work from home while utilizing a variety of online technology such as videos, Zoom meetings, and Google Classroom.  Even after returning to physical classrooms, teachers continue to integrate technology into many subjects in a variety of creative ways.

At Belleville Mennonite School we seek to provide all the skills needed by our students. In addition to an excellent classical education we also seek to teach students how to effectively use and interact with today's ever-changing technology.

Every classroom at BMS has network connections from which students can access both the internal network services that we provide and the education opportunities provided by the Internet.  There is a total campus wide wireless access where students can connect to the network and internet resources using mobile devices.  We require that a faculty member be present during all times when the students are accessing the Internet to ensure that the computer resources provided by the school are being used for profitable educational purposes.  We also offer courses in basic computing such as keyboarding for elementary students.  In middle school, students learn basic computing skills such as word processing, spreadsheet, conducting safe Internet searches as well as explore various computer applications such as 3D drawing, making movies, and computer programming.  Advanced courses are offered to high school students, where they learn in-depth concepts such as web design, computer game design, and digital video and podcasting, computer mapping, GIS, and computer animation.

At BMS, every student in grades 1-12 has their own Chromebook or iPad and access to our additional computer resources. Each student is provided with personal storage on our network with which they can store their papers projects and other work that they accumulate. Students in Middle and High School also are given cloud accounts which allows them to store documents both at home and school.

Mr. Bob Zook, Director of Technology and middle and high school instructor, has been at BMS in this capacity for more than 15 years.  He has over 20 years of experience in the field and has a Master's degree in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University and also serves as a pastor at Allensville Mennonite Church.