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Summer Update - Back to School Plan

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Dear Prospective BMS Family,

Thank you for considering Belleville Mennonite School for your family.  Let me share a few special things about BMS with you.

BMS was founded in 1945.  To date, more than 1,000 students have graduated from our school.  These graduates have gone on to live productive, service oriented lives in almost every career field imaginable.  Our alumni include successful entrepreneurs, college administrators, teachers, and physicians.  As you would expect, we also have a fair number of graduates who have served communities all over the world as pastors and missionaries.  You name the career field, and you can most likely find a BMS graduate who has done it and done it well.

At BMS, we consider ourselves a Christian learning community.  Everything at our school centers around learning in a Christ-centered, community-oriented environment.  In a world where bigger is often considered better, at BMS we value close relationships and we work hard to maintain a sense of community in our school.  To this end we limit the size of our classes which allows teachers to work individually with students, to get to know and understand them as human beings, and to get the very best out of them.  It also allows parents to know their child’s teachers and to partner with them to nurture and cultivate our unique Christian learning community.  This formula has been successful for the past sixty-eight years, and we have no intention of changing it.

Critical to the success of our Christian learning community are the teachers who lead our classrooms.  At BMS, we hire only well qualified, gifted, Christian teachers who share a common purpose:  to develop the minds and build the faith of young people.  BMS teachers love kids and enjoy engaging them in the learning process.  They also love God and are committed to sharing with young people the sustaining value of faith in God.  There is great advantage in educating children in a learning community where teachers and parents share the same basic set of values.

While BMS is steeped in tradition, we are not trapped in the past.  Our facilities, equipment, technology, and programs are thoroughly modern.  We recognize our responsibility to prepare young people to live productive, Christian lives in the 21st century.  Thus, we offer our students an outstanding academic program as well as a variety of opportunities for academic and spiritual growth in the classroom and in the community.  We teach all of the classes necessary for success in college, the workplace, and life.  A BMS education is first class and relevant.

If you are looking for a Christian learning community for your child, one steeped in tradition and yet thoroughly modern, we encourage you to take the next step in the admissions process and call the school office (717-935-2184) to schedule a visit.  We look forward to sharing more about the awesome educational experience available to your family at BMS!



Contact us!

Belleville Mennonite School
4105 Front Mountain Road
Belleville, PA 17004


Nicholas Wilson
Superintendent, Secondary Principal