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To learn more about Belleville Mennonite School or to schedule a tour, please contact us at 717-935-2184 or fill out our online inquiry form.

Dear Prospective BMS Family,

Thank you for considering Belleville Mennonite School for your family.  We are flourishing and invite you to come grow with us!

At BMS, we believe that God applies to EVERY MOMENT of our day, and that God's Word changes the way we think and view our world. This in turn impacts our daily choices and actions. This is called Biblical Worldview, and we integrate it into every class that we teach. We pray that the outcome will be students that invite God into every aspect of their lives and are empowered to impact their communities for Jesus Christ!

Academic Opportunity:  Belleville Mennonite School offers exceptional academic opportunities for students in Pre-K through Grade 12.  Highly qualified, passionate teachers and staff surround students and guide them on their path of choice with individualized courses and unique learning experiences at their fingertips.  Dual-enrollment and career planning options offer students a big-picture approach to learning, development, and preparing for their future that God designed them for.  BMS is focused on excellence, growth, program enhancement, and preparing our students for the world around them.

Biblical Worldview:  In our ever-changing world and society, BMS offers students a visionary focus on Biblical truth and an intentional Christian learning environment that is unwavering.  Our non-denominational approach is grounded in teaching the Bible as God's inspired word and modeled by our faculty, staff, and administration in our interaction with students and families.  Great importance is placed on the nurturing and maturation of relationship with Christ.  We value the privilege of learning and working in a place like BMS where there is freedom to pray with and encourage one another.

Personal Growth:  Similar to our interest to constantly enhance and further develop what we are doing and offering at Belleville Mennonite School, we strive to encourage our students to do the same with their own lives.  Through learning, teaching, modeling, and taking part in daily fellowship filled with real-life applications, our students are called to discover with us who God created them to be and how they can get there with our guidance and support.  BMS is a place to explore, wonder, and learn through experience with many hands-on opportunities, trips, spiritually-rich interactions, and daily Christian relationship and mentoring.

The mission of the Belleville Mennonite School: Belleville Mennonite School provides a Christ-centered education and biblical worldview that inspires students to develop minds, build faith, and be disciples.

The vision of the Belleville Mennonite School: Empowering students to cultivate academic excellence and a passion for Christ.

If you are looking for a Christian learning community for your child, we encourage you to take the next step in the admissions process and call the school office (717-935-2184) to schedule a visit.  We look forward to sharing more about the awesome educational experience available to your family at BMS!

Nicholas Wilson
Secondary Principal



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Nicholas Wilson