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Dear Friend:

Our budget is approximately 1 million dollars/year.  We fundraise for a quarter of that!  What a tremendous endeavor.  Our ability to raise so much in funding every year at Faith Promise, through Race for Education and through the Auction is a huge testament to God’s faithfulness in enabling businesses and individuals, like you, to give to the school.

Mifflin County’s average household income is $40,000; that’s $10,000 less than the state average and even a lesser amount than the country’s average.   That being said, our need to assist families is greater and it’s inspiring to see the sacrifice families and churches from this area make to allow their children to attend here.

The school has been known to be excellent stewards of the money that is donated.  And we will continue to be trustworthy of your gift.  We invite you to ask yourself how you can impact BMS and allow this school’s legacy to last another 70 years.  Your partnership and investment is crucial.  What impact are you able to make to allow our school to continue to thrive?   We are confident that both the school and you will be blessed by your generosity.

To donate to the school through any of our fundraisers, please call us, 717.935.2184. 

God bless you!