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Homecoming Weekend 2019


Thank you to all who attended the Faith Promise Banquet and our Homecoming activities here at BMS!  The weekend was filled with encouraging fellowship and shared memories.  Your continued support is a tangible reminder of God's faithfulness to each one of us.  Over $30,000 has already been given in pledges and contributions toward our $50,000 goal!  Praise the LORD!


The Faith Promise Banquet is a launching point for the Faith Promise Annual Fund which provides an opportunity for friends, alumni, parents, and teachers to play a critical role in supporting the school’s mission to prepare young men and women for a life of service to Christ. Representing nearly 20 percent of the school’s operating budget, fundraisers including the Faith Promise Annual Fund, underwrite all the things that make Belleville Mennonite School extraordinary: a solid curriculum, exciting arts, athletic opportunities, financial aid, inspiring spiritual growth, technology, and all the other components of our students’ experience.  Contributions are accepted throughout the year.  To contribute to the Faith Promise Annual Fund, please send your donation to the school office: 4105 Front Mtn. Road, Belleville, PA  17004.

The 2019 Alumnus of the Year: Gregg Kanagy


The 2019 Young Alumnus of the Year: Charity Kauffman

The alumni awards are given during Homecoming Weekend each year to deserving alumni who were voted for and nominated by Belleville Mennonite School alumni.  Their lives of service and/or professional accomplishments demonstrate service and leadership under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Alumni can vote for deserving recipients year round. Please email,, or call the school office, 717.935.2184, to make your nomination.