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Spring 2022 -  Winter 2022 - Fall 2021


Spring 2021 -  Winter - 2021 -  Fall 2020  - Summer 2020


Student Life at BMS provides all students the opportunity to grow in faith, engage in service experiences, and take an active role in the community life of the school and local community.   It seeks to live the mission of the BMS by nurturing high schoolers with the talents of each student through leadership roles in such areas as student life officers, class officers, club officers, care group leaders and many more.  

Elementary students have the opportunity to take part in basketball and soccer programs, fun events like a Fall hayride, numerous field trips to zoos, orchards, farms, and drama performances.  

Drama is part of the English Department at Belleville Mennonite School.  As such, drama is seen as developing an understanding of a form of communication that can be of service in the Kingdom of God to tell powerful stories about the human condition.  The BMS drama program is committed to telling stories with as much integrity as possible and strives to use the talents of each student, whether they be a lead role, sound technician or stage crew member.

Student senate is a great way for our students to gain leadership skills that will help them become responsible and productive members of society.  These leadership opportunities range from organizing Spirit Week activities to volunteering at and fundraising for local organizations.  Our Student Senate made up of a diverse group of high school students that have chosen to be involved because they have a desire to improve the school’s overall environment.  By being involved in student senate, our students gain valuable experience with organizing events and being positive role models for those around them. 


2021-22 National Honor Society members