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Pastor Appreciation

Click HERE to view our 2021 Pastor Appreciation video

We believe that pastors play an important role in the lives of our students!  Our local pastors are regularly invited to speak in chapels and each year we invite all of our students' pastors to an all-school worship service and prayer time which reaffirms the connection between home, school and church in the life of each child. 

Spiritual Renewal Day

Each year, a special day is set aside for middle and high school students to focus on growth and spiritual renewal.  This day, planned and led by faculty, is filled with fun and meaningful activities, fellowship, worship and messages designed to challenge and encourage each participant.  




Spiritual Life


BMS provides an environment that is solely for the purpose of fostering student's academic performance in a loving, Christian environment. Teachers and staff are born again Christians serving the Lord through the ministry of Christian education.  In a day and time when our culture is filled with evil, sending your child to BMS ensures they will be surrounded by uplifting, spirit-filled experiences.

Monday mornings, teachers gather in the main office to lift up students (by name) to the Lord.  Teachers also take part in several weekly devotional times to build their faith and strengthen moral.  

Elementary students take part in Bible memorization, weekly Bible lessons and stories, daily prayer time and bi-monthly chapel programs.  Middle and high school students participate in weekly chapel services where pastors from the local community speak to their hearts.  They also take part in weekly worship services where they worship God through song.

Teachers and staff are committed to helping and challenging students to know how God is revealed through scripture, to be a follower of Christ and to do whatever mission or service God has called them to do. All while encouraging students to have a rich, vibrant, academically challenging and yes, even fun, school experience! What a blessing to honor God, even in school!



We are educating students from many  Christian faith backgrounds. Some people believe that Belleville Mennonite School is actually a school for Amish or primarily for Mennonites-a surprising statement for those who attend BMS and know about the school. Despite being located in the heart of Amish country, BMS is a PreK-12th grade school offering a Christ-centered, excellent education to students of all Christian faiths.

Actually, only 35% of the BMS student population is Mennonite. The other 65% of students are from other denominations such as Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and many more.