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BMS is a Christian school offering PreK-12th grade education to families from over 50 different church affiliations.  Founded in 1945, the BMS mission is twofold, to develop minds and build faith in young people. Not only is there a strong emphasis on spiritual growth in our students but exceptional academics are offered as well.  Here are some interesting facts about our students and graduates:
-60-75% of graduates attend college
-BMS has boasted 3 recent graduates who have qualified for the National Merit Scholarship
-100% graduation rate
-Our graduates attend reputable universities such as Penn State University, Cornell University, Susquehanna University, the Air Force Academy, Arcadia Univeristy, state universities and various other colleges and universities.  
-BMS alumni are physicians, dentists, nurses, lawyers, editors, researchers, missionaries, farmers and hold many other esteemed professional positions all across the country and our world!

“When our daughter, Alex, approached the high school years, we began looking for an alternative to public schooling.  Having already had an older child graduate from the public school system, we had an up close view of the decay of morals and standards of that environment.  We began looking at homeschooling and Christian schools.  BMS stood out in having reasonable, yet high standards, morals, and Biblical view that were in line with our own.  The small class size and one-on-one attention she receives from the teachers is a benefit that public schools cannot offer. Alex has truly blossomed in her faith, personality, attitude, and academics beyond what we had hoped for.  Sending Alex to BMS has truly been a blessing and wise decision.”

-Dave and Sharon Bookamer, parents of Alexandra, class of 2017