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Jesus Christ is of utmost importance to Belleville Mennonite School's ministry.  The school was established by Mennonite ministers and families who desired a Christian education for their families and children.  BMS remains a partnership between the family, church and school to this day.    As stated in our mission statement, students are equipped to lead a life of service, peacemaking and missions under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Not only do BMS students receive an excellent education, their faith is developed.  Students in all grades at BMS take part in daily prayer and devotions, Chapels, and Bible courses.  In addition, they interact every day with loving, sincere Christian teachers who support the spiritual, Bible-based principles of Christian parents.

Weekly chapel services are held for middle and high school students.  Local pastors come and speak to the students on Bible based themes and scripture. Additionally, choirs and speakers from across the country visit BMS to minister to the students.  Elementary students take part in chapel services twice a month.

On the administrative level, BMS works with the local churches through the Church Advisory Committee.  This committee was established to advise the Board of Trustees on issues related to the spiritual direction of the school.  It acts to deepen relationships between the school and local churches and serves as an advisory body to the board and to our superintendent.

"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”   Ecclesiastes 4:12


"I am a stronger, more committed Christian because of my education at BMS."

-Elaine Swartz, Class of '63
"I loved my time at BMS and really appreciate the emphasis on Christ and all the discipling that came with morning devotions, Bible class, and chapels."
– Jen (Varner) Nafziger, Class of 1998