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BMS Class of 1963
Mixed Chorus, circa 1958
Kish Valley Christian Day School
1973 Junior Choir
1973 Senate
BMS Class of 1990
BMS Class of 2002
BMS Class of 2005
BMS Class of 2011
BMS Class of 2018
BMS Choirs


"For me, Belleville Mennonite School is a past, long past, of happy memories. Chiefly that’s because of some outstanding teachers that I had in my 12 years there. I’m one of five who were first graders when BMS opened in 1944 and who went through all 12 grades to graduate together in 1957. I’ll never forget my first day of school in the one-room, former garage in White Hall. The teacher, J. B. Kanagy, gave me a book and said, “read!" That was it, as I remember. One of the eighth grade girls jumped in to help, I soon learned what “See Spot; see Spot run,” meant. I still thrill when I see those words." 

- J. Lorne Peachey, BMS Class of 1957