Faith Promise

The goal for the 2017 Faith Promise Annual Fund is to raise $60,000 - so far, $38,000 has been raised.  If you were unable to attend the banquet, but would like to make a contribution or a Faith-Promise pledge of support, please complete the form below. Every gift of every size has an impact, and the collective generosity of alumni and friends is what makes the experience at BMS possible.
Donation Form Please place a checkmark in the space below to indicate if you are making a gift now, or if you prefer to make a Faith-Promise pledge which is due before October 1, 2018. This form and all checks can be mailed to:
    Belleville Mennonite School
    4105 Front Mountain Road
    Belleville, PA 17004
___ Today, I would like to make a gift to Belleville Mennonite School’s Faith Promise Annual Fund. Here is my gift in the amount of $ ________________________.
___ I promise to make a financial gift of support to Belleville Mennonite School’s Faith Promise Annual Fund before October 1, 2018 in the amount of $ _______________________.
Email: ______________________________________


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