What does my child need for school?!

Preschool- Backpacks are optional (please label with child’s name).

Kindergarten- Backpack (regular size); 5x8" Pencil Box (Dollar Tree & Walmart usually carry this size. No zipper pouches, please.); Rest Mat; Tissues (3-box pack); Disinfectant Wipes (at least 1 large canister); 1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer (pump-top preferred); and Change of clothing in gallon, zip-top bag (Please send long pants, short sleeve shirt, underwear, & socks. These items are appropriate for all seasons & can be kept at school throughout the year... just in case!). Please label pencil box, rest mat, and bag of clothing with student's name.

1st Grade- Box of Pencils (pencil boxes are not necessary), 3 Boxes of Tissues

2nd Grade-Box of Pencils (pencil boxes are not necessary), 3 Boxes of Tissues

3rd Grade-Pencil, Pencil Box, Erasers, one subject notebook for an assignment book, Tissues & Clorox Wipes

4th Grade-Assignment Book, Ruler, Homework Folder, Pencil Bag/Box (1), Colored Pencils, Tissues, Clorox Wipes & Anti-bacterial hand soap in pump form

5th Grade- Assignment Book, Pack of Notecards (100-3x5), Tissues and Anti-bacterial Wipes

Middle School- Middle School needs a basic calculator for math, and basic school supplies such as Pencils, Erasers, Paper, a Pocket Folder (1 for each class), notebook, book covers, hand sanitizer and tissues. They also need a Bible (preferably NIV).

9th Grade- Assignment book or planner for Freshmen Seminar class

Spanish (High School)-Binder with a Pocket Folder and blue pen for corrections

If there is nothing specific listed here for your child’s grade, please send them to school with the basic school supplies: backpack, pencils and some paper. Supplies such as markers, crayons, & glue will most likely be provided for your child. Most teachers also appreciate if you would contribute a box of tissues for your child’s classroom.

Thank you, parents!

News to Know for the 2017-18 School Year!

Middle School Math  Middle school will have new math curriculum this year.  Printed on the books you will notice the wording “Common Core”.  This curriculum satisfies the requirements for “Common Core” but we will not be teaching the Common Core method.

Get Ready for School Day  On Saturday, August 19, we will need lots of help from our students and patrons to get our facility ready for the first day of school.  Please bring your family and help spread mulch, weed, clean, and do other assorted tasks necessary for the beginning of another school year.  High School students can receive service hours for being involved at this event. The fun begins at 8:00 AM and we will work until noon. 

Instrumental Lessons  Instrumental Lesson fees will increase this year from $10/lesson to $12/lesson.  Instrumental Lesson fees are invoiced at the end of each school quarter by the business office.  You can sign your student up for lessons at Back to School Night. 

Student Handbooks  Student Handbooks will be available to pick up on August 24 during Back- to-School Night in the gym.

Health History Form and Permission to Give Medications form  We have enclosed Health History forms to provide us with updated health information for your child(ren). Also, on the back of the form is the Permission to Give Medications form.  Please complete the form and return them to the school office as soon as possible.   If there are any changes to your child’s health or allergies, please notify the school office prior to the start of school.

Calendar of Events  A school calendar of events is included in this mailing. All of our major school dates, programs, etc. are included in this calendar.

College in High School Partnership  BMS continues to have the amazing opportunity to partner with Juniata College to provide dual enrollment/college credit courses to our students for the incredibly low cost of $200.00 per credit plus books.  These courses will be taught on the Juniata College campus and students will need to provide their own transportation.   BMS students who qualify for this program will be permitted to leave school at 1:15 PM to travel to Juniata College to take a 2:00 PM or 2:30 PM course.  Students may go to the Juniata College website for a complete listing of available courses.  Please see Miss Yoder to register for these classes.

Kindergarten Bussing  Parents who have students enrolled in Half-Day Kindergarten are responsible for providing bussing for their child.  

High School Electives  There is a $20.00 fee for students enrolled in Mr. Farley’s Foods class to assist with food expenses.  Students should bring the $20 to the first class.  All students enrolled in the Photography course will need a digital camera.  If you have any questions, please see Miss Yoder.

Online Course Fee  HS students who enroll in an online course will be charged the cost of the course.  Online courses cost approximately $700 per course, per year.  Invoices will be sent out by the Business Office when funding is distributed.  Please see Miss Yoder with any questions.

Student Schedules  Middle school and high school student schedules are in the process of being constructed and will be available for pick-up on
Back-to-School Night.  Please call Miss Yoder, our school guidance counselor, if you have any questions about your schedule.

Physical & Dental Form  Students going into Grades 6 & 11 need an updated physical form and students going into Grades 3 & 7 need an updated dental form.  Forms are available in the office.  All physicals, dentals, and immunizations should be turned into the school office prior to the start of school.  Proof of immunizations is required under Pennsylvania law and must be provided to the school prior to the start of school.

5th Grade Parents  We will be heading to Black Rock Retreat October 18-20, 2016.  Additional information regarding the field trip will be provided later. You can email Mrs. Yoder at or call the school at (717) 935-2184 with any questions.

Yearbooks  2016-17 yearbooks will be available for pick up on Back-to-School Night.  There may be a few extra available for those who forgot to order on a "first come" basis for $50.  Don't miss this chance to order your 2017-18 yearbook at Back-to-School Night and get it for only $20!

Music Notes from Mrs. Spicher  Instrumental lessons are available here at BMS. Piano lessons are offered to students in grades K-12. Other instruments are offered in Grades 4-12. If your child is interested in taking instrumental lessons and you haven’t already registered for the upcoming year, please make sure you stop to see me on Back-to-School night in the gymnasium.  For more information, contact Mrs. Spicher at

RenWeb - Parent access to grades and homework information - RenWeb is a student management system which opens up new doors of communication between parents, students, and faculty strengthening the three strand cord of Christian Education - Home, Church and School.

To get a brief tour of RenWeb and what the information that will be available to you, check out this short demonstration. ParentsWeb Overview Video

FACTS Tuition Management Please visit this link to sign up for one of our monthly payment plans. You will be guided through setting up an account. After this is complete, BE SURE to click on "Add a Payment Plan." Contact Rachel ( with any questions. Also, check out this pamphlet with more information on managing tuition payments. 

Internet Explorer 10 Issue - If you are using Microsoft's internet browser, Internet Explorer 10, there are some changes you will need to make so it is compatible with RenWeb's ParentsWeb. In order for RenWeb products to run properly in Internet Explorer 10, you will need to turn on the compatibility mode. To do this, open Internet Explorer 10 and click on - Access to ParentsWeb . When the site opens, click the compatibility icon that the arrow is pointing at in the picture below. (It's the blue broken page icon in the address bar at the top of the screen.)