Physical Education


"These kids are awesome and have created such a positive environment to being the new school year! Just stepping out in the hallway is a breath of fresh air."

           - Miss Yoder, gym teacher & guidance counselor, reflecting on the
             2017-18 school year

The physical education program at Belleville Mennonite School strives to give students the opportunity to engage in a variety of physical activities in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment.  Elementary students have two thirty minute PE classes per week, while middle and high school students have two full periods of physical education per week.  The goal of physical education for elementary students is to introduce them to basic movement skills and sport concepts by participating in fun active noncompetition games and sport lead up games.  Students also use these games to learn to work with others in an active environment.  The physical education program in middle school and high school students engages students in a wide variety of team and individual sports in order to encourage them to find something active that they love to do and will keep them interested in physical activity even after leaving BMS.  Our students learn how much fun it can be to be physically active!

Here's a glimpse of why our students love gym class with Miss Yoder!  Click on these links: kick ball outside, Miss Yoder's ability to teach on the kids' level, and her love for Christ!