Christ-centered Academics

Jesus Christ is of utmost importance to Belleville Mennonite School's ministry.  The school was established by Mennonite ministers and families who desired a Christian education for their families and children.  BMS remains a partnership between the family, church and school to this day.    As stated in our mission statement, students are equipped to lead a life of service, peacemaking and missions under the Lordship of Jesus Christ

Not only do BMS students receive an excellent education, their faith is developed.  Students in all grades at BMS take part in daily prayer and devotions, Chapels, and Bible courses.  In addition, they interact every day with loving, sincere Christian teachers who support the spiritual, Bible-based principles of Christian parents.

Weekly chapel services are held for middle and high school students.  Local pastors come and speak to the students on Bible based themes and scripture. Additionally, choirs and speakers from across the country visit BMS to minister to the students.  Elementary students take part in chapel services twice a month.

On the administrative level, BMS works with the local churches through the Church Advisory Committee.  This committee was established to advise the Board of Trustees on issues related to the spiritual direction of the school.  It acts to deepen relationships between the school and local churches and serves as an advisory body to the board and to our superintendent.

"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”   Ecclesiastes 4:12

Exceeding Expectations in School and in Life

Rebekah Kauffman, Belleville Mennonite School Class of ’15, excelled at BMS both personally and academically and today as a sophomore education major at Shippensburg University, she is shining due in part to the strong upbringing in her home and also because of her 13 years as a student at BMS. 

Becky’s parents, Ed, Class of ’87, and Carol, began sending Becky and her older brother Sammy, Class of ’14, to BMS when they were preschool age. Carol had this to say about why they chose BMS for their children, “(First) you will never have to ask me twice to share about either of my children or BMS!”  She continued, “When Sam was ready to start Kindergarten we talked about whether or not we wanted to enroll him at BMS because we knew we needed to make a full 12 year commitment.  We didn’t want to just look through elementary or middle school, we knew that we wanted him, and then of course Becky, to be able to stay at BMS through graduation.  We knew it would be a major financial commitment but also knew that the environment they would be learning in would make that commitment worth more than anything we might have to sacrifice.  God was faithful throughout the entire time and provided whatever resources we needed.”  (pictured above is Ed, Carol, Becky and Sammy)

Graduating with over a 4.0 and as a national merit scholarship qualifier and class Valedictorian, Becky excelled in the classroom.  Taking Advanced Placement, college-prep courses, and honors classes, she was challenged by the faculty to take her natural gifting and apply it to her studies and life. 

Carol had this to say about her children’s academic experience at the school. “We struggled with whether or not our children would have the level of classes that they needed to attend college and whether or not they would be prepared because BMS was so small.  Again we were very blessed by the resources, classes, and knowledge level of the teachers at BMS that not only gave both of our children a quality education but also aided us in giving them a Christian foundation…..(some) people think that students at BMS are sheltered and receive minimal education but that has not been the case for either of our children.  Quite the contrary!  They received encouragement, prayers whenever/wherever needed, structure, exposure to serving others, leadership opportunities, and a superb education.”

Becky has this to say about her academic experience at the school, “BMS definitely prepared me for college.” She continued, “I came into college with the skills I needed, the ability to analyze and think for myself, and good study habits formed in an atmosphere that taught me to challenge myself.”

Becky was also involved in many extracurricular activities while at BMS including varsity field hockey and basketball, Concert Choir and District Chorus.  One activity near to her heart was acting and performing in drama performances directed by high school English teacher, Mrs. Ann Quinn.  “I loved acting in high school.” (pictured left is Becky with Mrs. Quinn's son, Danny, at a Shippensburg University drama perforamance in Fall 2016)

Her love for theater followed her to college. “When I found out that there was a theater class at Ship that was geared toward helping education majors take theater into the classroom, it seemed like a perfect fit for me.”  Becky continued, “I have really enjoyed getting back onstage, especially because I am performing for kids. My experience in both high school and college in this area will make me a stronger and more confident educator when I go into the field.”

Carol included this, “Becky’s education (at BMS) enabled her to receive a full, 4-year tuition scholarship to an accredited university where she is enrolled as an honor student, as well as a corporate scholarship that pays for housing for 4 years.  As a result, she will graduate from college with very little debt….Praise the Lord!!” 

Most important in forming eternal value were the spiritual influences Becky found at BMS.  She said, “BMS gave me the spiritual foundation I needed before entering an environment of secular ideas and competing worldviews.”  Becky continued, “My success in a Christian community at home and at BMS motivated me to seek out other Christians on my campus, connect with them, and lean on them when I needed to. I'm now in a leadership role in the Christian Fellowship group that I first joined upon coming to campus.” 

“The leadership opportunities that she received while at BMS have enabled her to be well adjusted and participate in campus ministry leadership,” Carol remarked.  “As for the notion that students at BMS are “sheltered”….she has been exposed to a great deal of this troubled world and has been given the foundation to hold strong!  That’s not sheltering….that’s preparing!”

“I can’t pick one thing or one example that shaped Becky.”  Carol concluded, “Every day built on the others to give them (Becky and Sammy) an awesome experience and prepare them to be well adjusted, service-oriented adults with a foundation in Jesus Christ!  We couldn’t have asked for anything more!” (Becky is pictured below doing something she loves most, spending time with children)