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Enjoy watching and listening to "Tiny King," a traditional favorite of our's, from the 2014 Christmas Concert!

The music program here at Belleville Mennonite School offers a thorough study of music for Kindergarten-12th grade. Elementary students take general music where they receive teaching in musical concepts (history, rhythm, melody, and music from other cultures) and musicianship. At the end of each semester the elementary students perform a musical demonstrating the concepts they have learned during the school year.

BMS offers general music classes to the middle school students. They learn musical concepts, history, and composition. They also have the opportunity to participate in the middle school Chorus. BMS offers ensemble singing for the high school students.

Other opportunities for music students include 5th grade song fest for elementary students, middle school Choir tour, high school Choir tour through MEA (Mennonite Education Agency), and PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators Association) Choral Festivals. BMS also offers lessons on various instruments including piano, guitar, and other select instruments.